Encyclomedia is a specialist out-of-home and ambient creative agency, which has gained an international reputation for high impact 3D-like designs across traditional and non-traditional media formats.

Spanning over 18 countries worldwide, Encyclomedia connects brands with their customers on the ‘pathway to purchase’ and at the critical ‘point of sale’.

With extensive experience in ambient and non-traditional strategy and execution, Encyclomedia challenges conventional and traditional forms of advertising and creative communication by innovating through design and content creation. Creative services include:

  • Campaign creative, production and execution
  • High impact 3D-like ideation and/or transformation
  • Ambient and non-traditional strategy
  • Managing campaigns
  • Online marketing
  • Promotional products / merchandise
  • Print broking / management

Encyclomedia had this to say about working with Deasil:

It has been an incredible journey over the last 10 years of our partnership and built on the solid foundation of trust and mutual respect for the others skills and abilities. Winning big business from multi-national clients without having a history of work is pale in comparison to the unbreakable bond of the relationship that we share in good times and better times. It is rare to find this in a partnership of any kind. The faith and trust over a decade of working with Deasil has only strengthened this partnership.

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