Goal Property Group

Goal Property Group is a progressive development company that partners with the very best planners, architects and builders to ensure the best quality projects.

They disrupt the market with their passion for integrating outstanding design with amenity rich locations. They don’t just deliver homes to people. They deliver lifestyles.

They approached Deasil because they knew that Deasil backed people fully. Deasil introduced them to a wide network who were also excited about accessing greater returns. From then on, they began syndicating projects and inviting participation from Deasil’s network.

The partnership with Deasil helped transform Goal Property Group from a small, boutique company into a larger and more active development business which has carved out a reputation for delivering successful projects.

After successfully growing their own business with the help of Deasil, Goal Property Group had this advice to other businesses on the road to success:

Work to your strengths.

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