We can all identify with the frustrations of making a property insurance claim. This is because the traditional fulfilment process is both complicated and cumbersome. When the damage to your home or business is relatively small, needing only one or two trades this lengthy and inconvenient process makes no sense. Yet, that is very much the reality.

Enter Handdii, a two-sided marketplace connecting customers directly with trades for insurance companies.

Handdii dramatically improves the customer experience by pairing the customer with the trade they need, to assist in claim determination and complete works on the spot at a convenient time.

For trades, Handdii makes life easy through pre-agreed rates, opt-in scheduling, automated invoicing and fast payment. This means no quoting, no paperwork a steady cash flow.

For insurance companies, Handdii improves customer satisfaction, reduces claims cost and works to digitally transform the claim experience.

The Founders of Handdii had this to say about Deasil:

We chose Deasil because of their passion for people and the intense energy dedicated to making companies successful.

It is about more than capital investment, it is about people working together to create something unique and special.

Our team have vast experience in the insurance and construction industry, when this capability is complimented by the Deasil team we have a winning combination.  The Deasil team’s ability to mobilize resources quickly, improves the speed of commercialization.  Through Deasil, we are fortunate to now have at our fingertips expertise in software design and development, marketing and advertising, legal and much more.

Deasil cements the credibility of Handdii through the expertise of the Advisory Board and an impressive track record of building so many successful businesses.

Since partnering with Deasil, we have been delighted by the speed of progress and we know our combined energy will create an unstoppable momentum to ensure Handdii’s success.

Handdii had this advice for other businesses on the road to success:

It is people that make business so be sure of the people that you partner with – have fun, know your strengths and seek out complimentary yet different skills that drive you toward success.