Packform is a low overhead technology based global packaging platform designed to take the inefficiencies out of the packaging process to disrupt and decentralise the current environment. Our flattened global marketplace approach creates an environment for manufacturers to sell their products to a large network of customers and give customers global access to manufacturers of all types of packaging – custom and commodity – without the need for high overhead distributors that control the market today.

Since partnering with Deasil, Packform has evolved from an idea to a viable product. Lots of people have great ideas, however the Deasil team have the experience and knowledge to move a great idea to a successful business.

Deasil possess:

  • A wealth of experience in the disrupting/technology space
  • A track record of success
  • Best in class speed to market
  • Commitment to equitable partnerships and long-term relationships (and not just business transactions)

Deasil’s management and advisory team comprise of highly accomplished professionals from all types of industry, with the range of personalities varying greatly to give a balanced approach to leadership and partnership.

Packform had this to say about working with Deasil:

The biggest highlight has been the long-term relationships developed with the Deasil team. They promote the concept of human capital but that is the reality of what they embody. They are more interested in investing in the people behind the ideas, than the ideas themselves.  Everything with Deasil has been made very personal which speaks volumes.

I would encourage every business to seek quality business partners that share similar views and ideals. Rushing into a partnership or settling when the fit is not perfect is a recipe for failure.

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