Veescape is a vertical wall printing company that just so happens to be the global leader, selling their services in over 9 countries.

They disrupted the market by developing a first of its kind printer that can print directly onto a range of vertical surfaces.

Veescape didn’t just want investors to help them grow. They wanted partners. That’s why they chose to approach Deasil. They¬† knew that Deasil offered more than money. They offered all the tools needed to achieve Veescape’s goals.

Deasil helped Veescape build their business model, form the right team, source financing, develop marketing and advised them every step of the way.

Veescape had this to say about working with Deasil:

We love it. It’s a family approach and that’s important to us. We discuss things and get stuff done, no checklists. It’s not so serious. The energy is absolutely out there.

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