Innovative Beverage Co. has released two unique beverages.

esc – Calm in a can: Created to help you stay calm and in control, esc is a refreshingly relaxing drink made with chamomile, passionflower and valerian. It is lightly carbonated with a subtle tropical twist and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. And it has only 50 calories per can, about the same as an apple. Beat that.


Innovative Water (Custom Labelled Water):  Custom labelled bottled water is a simple yet effective way to build your brand and promote your company message. From in-store sales to promotional handouts, custom bottled water is perfect for numerous occasions such as:

  • trade shows
  • product launches
  • exhibitions
  • sporting tournaments
  • retail promotions
  • merchandising
  • corporate meetings
  • conferences
  • fundraising
  • giveaways

We provide a commercial production (full wrap-around labelling) at competitive prices.

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