We invest in people and are committed to equitable partnerships and long-term relationships.

We never invest alone. We always partner with others, which ensures our interests are always completely aligned.

We back founders. They must be driven, have a strong work ethic, have no ego, willing to learn and have ‘skin-in-the-game’. We provide support to them, their team and the business. We help them remain focused on what they do best.

We support entrepreneurs’ dreams, with the resources to make big ideas into even bigger businesses.

We focus on industries that are crying out for change. We have an insatiable appetite to disrupt archaic business practices and industries. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We get to market quickly and have a proven track record of doing so, with over 40 years of experience.

We are passionate about making a difference.

We help navigate early stage growth, not just fund it.

We are all about adding value to our investments, whether that be access to capital, infrastructure and/or management expertise. We leverage our in-house capabilities and expertise, underpinned by our money-can’t-buy advisory.

We do not understand the word, no. We do not see problems, only opportunities. We never stand still.

We reward loyalty ahead of ability.

We treat our team as family.