Deasil is an experienced early stage investor and incubator.

We provide startups with all the necessary infrastructure to help them gain momentum and grow.

We focus on investing in businesses and helping them scale up with investment in capital, expertise and entrepreneurial drive.

The early stage development, commercialisation and investment landscape is arguably the most challenging for start-ups to navigate, with most ideas and businesses never getting off the ground. For those that do, most run out of money within the first 12 months, requiring them to raise funds at a time when they should be focussed on growing their business. This is where the greatest value is created.

When you consider that most VC/PE firms only ever invest in businesses that have a market-ready product, it is understandable that a lot of businesses with great promise fall through the cracks and do not reach their full potential. Even those that do manage to obtain early funding, be that through friends and family, crowdfunding or angel investment, rarely do they gain access to human capital with its all-encompassing expertise.

This is where Deasil is uniquely positioned. We not only provide access to capital, but more so add value to our investments through infrastructure and management expertise. We leverage our in-house capabilities, underpinned by our money-can’t-buy advisory.

We start with founders and a concept, helping them to develop and evolve into a strong marketable product. We are not driven by long-term theoretical plans. Our model is predicated on being agile and getting to market quickly. We develop prototypes. We test them. We learn from them. We prove a concept. We evolve. We scale. We grow. We are fast to market, fast to profit. We create shareholder value.