Handdii (2018-2021)

We can all identify with the frustrations of making a property insurance claim. This is because the traditionalfulfilment process is both complicated and cumbersome. When the damage to your home or business is relatively small, needing only one or two contractors/trades, this lengthy and inconvenient process makes no sense. Yet, that is very much the reality.

Enter Handdii, a digital platform that automates the property insurance claim process from first notice of loss through to claim finalisation. Acting as a three-sided marketplace, Handdii is reinventing property claim processes by seamlessly pairing insurance companies with contractors/trades and ensuring that all parties involved in the claim process receive real-time updates.

Handdii’s platform focuses on routine property claims, which, under the traditional insurance model, demand significant time and resources to administer. Handdii’s platform significantly reduces both claims handling costs and repair time, while dramatically improving the customer experience.

For insurance companies, Handdii provides claim lodgement and allocation and enables digital transformation for property claims. Significant positive impact on customer satisfaction (NPS) will lead to new customer acquisition and further product opportunity.

Handdii dramatically improves the customer experience by pairing the customer with the trade they need, to assist in claim determination and complete works on the spot at a convenient time.

For contractors/trades, Handdii makes life easy through pre-agreed rates, opt-in scheduling, automated invoicing and fast payment. This means no quoting, no paperwork and a steady cash flow. Minimising these friction points empowers the trades to focus on providing quality work and an awesome customer experience.

For insurance companies, Handdii improves customer satisfaction, reduces claims cost and works to digitally transform the claim experience.