Innovative Beverage Co (2011-2015)

In 2011, Innovative Beverage Co launched esc, Australia’s first anti-energy drink – the opposite of Red Bull and Monster. In place of caffeine, guarana and other such energy-stimulating ingredients, esc contained a unique combination of all-natural ingredients, including passionflower, valerian root and chamomile. Adopting an aggressive marketing campaign and targeted distribution strategy, esc was an overnight success, selling more than a million cans throughout 7-Eleven and other major convenience outlets Australia-wide.

By 2013, Innovative Beverage Co had expanded into the production and distribution of custom-labelled bottled water, working with some of Australia’s largest retail brands to support their philanthropic activities and charitable foundations. These include Cotton On Foundation, Speciality Fashion Group’s One Woman Foundation and Emma & Tom’s Foodbank ‘Fight Against Hunger’ campaign, to name a few.