Locomote (2012-2016)

Founded in 2012, Locomote was a travel technology company driven by a desire to grow.

Locomote was developed to change the travel management landscape by empowering organisations to have complete control and visibility of their global travel programme and travel supply chain.

Locomote’s swift success saw it expand into a thriving enterprise employing 65 developers and operations staff in the space of a year.

Large organisations such as ANZ Bank, World Vision, Medibank, Allen & Overy and Glencore began using their technology.

By the end of their second year, Locomote had become a global player, with blue chip companies such as Japan Airlines, MasterCard, Expensify and Regus using their technology too.

In 2014, Travelport (NYSE:TVPT), a leading Travel Commerce Platform, acquired 49% of Locomote.

The following year, they had increased their stake to 55% before acquiring 100% of the company in 2016  a great success story for both its founders and for Deasil.