Matcha Maiden (2020-Current)

Matcha Maiden is a global FMCG brand with multiple sales verticals and markets.

Matcha Maiden’s mission is to spread the magic of matcha. Matcha is simply green tea leaves ground into a fine powder, so it has all the metabolism-enhancing, mind-focusing, energy-boosting, immunity-strengthening benefits of regular green tea but with 137 times the antioxidants! It’s the highest source of antioxidants on the planet!

With a strong focus on social media engagement and collaborations with communities, local and upcoming brands and social enterprises; Matcha Maiden goes well beyond the matcha powder itself  having started as a humble side project which has evolved into a bustling growing global network of 1,500+ stockists and 300,000 followers.

Recognising the potential of Matcha Maiden, Deasil was quick to jump on board, taking a majority stake in the company. In partnership with Jeff Nadelman a serial entrepreneur (first with hisfamily owned and operated Baby Bunting, which was successfully sold to Black Wood Capital before listing on the ASX and more recently with MOR Boutique, a luxury cosmetic brand which he built and sold to a global cosmetic Group) we teamed up with the Matcha Maiden founders, Sarah Holloway and her husband Nic Davidson, to help drive the business through this exciting next phase of the company’s growth.

Sarah is a social media influencer with her Spoonful of Sarah Instagram page & Seize the Yay podcasts generating in excess of 100,000 followers while Nic is a self-professed tech entrepreneur and health fanatic.

We are extremely excited to be involved with the Matcha Maiden brand and look forward to exponentially growing the business, both through existing and new verticals and markets. Watch this space