Packform (2018-Current)

Packaging is very diverse and complex and, as such, the industry has evolved to be highly fragmented, employs an ageing salesforce and has not adopted digital technology. Sales staff and brokers spend 80-90% of their time on account management functions (chasing quotes, inventory availability, delivery quantities, adjusting customer invoices, etc.) rather than focussing on sales and business development. Combine that with an extremely capital-intensive operating structure (warehouses, stock, staff, etc.) together with a dependency on antiquated systems and processes, and what you find is an industry ripe for disruption.

Enter Packform. A global e-commerce marketplace designed to take the inefficiencies out of the packaging process and change the way business is done in the packaging industry. Packfom automates processes, lowers overall cost and delivers a superior value proposition to customers and suppliers alike. With an ever-increasing number of suppliers, a complete business operating system for Dealers and Distributors and a vastly improved customer experience, Packform stands alone.

Packform has enabled quotes instantly rather than days, consolidation of multiple suppliers for a single order into one invoice and automating proof of delivery. Packform has accelerated the payment cycle and reduced the need for people to manually chase things through the delivery cycle. Suppliers are e-connected directly to their customers and are introduced to business opportunities they would not normally get. Packform also allows them to see what jobs they have won and lost in the past. These vital insights mean they can stay competitive and win more bids.

As a platform business, Packform is focused on driving the means of connection rather than owning the means of production. As a result, Packform has no manufacturing facilities, inventory or warehouses. The business model is predicated on being “Asset Light”.

Packform is set to revolutionize the packaging industry, helping manufacturers, customers and suppliers access more options, better cost, quality and design and less-stress ordering and delivery.