Plan B Travel (2012-2016)

It was late 2011 when Deasil issued a market tender for a corporate travel agency. Deasil had been searching for one that aligned with our interests as a travel buyer. As one did not exist, the stand-out option became clear – to create our own.

Plan B was developed initially to service Deasil’s affiliated businesses and partner network. Realising the opportunity, Plan B extended the solution to other like-minded corporations with similar requirements.
Plan B launched in 2012 and grew massively. Three years in, Plan B had amassed turnover in excess of $100 million with clients such as World Vision, Medibank, L&H Group, Allen & Overy and the University of Southern Queensland on board.

In that period, it was recognised as Australia’s fastest growing company, winning an award at the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and as a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards.

The road to success peaked in 2016 when Plan B was acquired by a leading and long-established global travel management company.