The Drilling Group (2008-2010)

With drought ravaging Melbourne, there was rising demand for groundwater bores. Bore drilling companies in urban areas were highly sought after to keep gardens and lawns green during these severe drought conditions.

Usage of standard water supply was restricted to one hour, once a week, and the watering of lawns was strictly prohibited. Bore water, however, was permitted.

The issue was getting a bore installed. With the shortage of bore workers coupled with the huge demand, the existing companies were quoting at least six-month lead times.

Recognising that this was an unacceptable time frame for most, Deasil seized the opportunity and created a new business. Within a week, the Drilling Group was up and running. Drilling rigs were immediately purchased, and a team of qualified plumbers and drillers were employed.

By the end of the first month, The Drilling Group had secured a pipeline of orders that extended out for the next two years.

Providing a ‘one-stop-shop’, the Drilling Group took care of the entire project from conception to completion… and even offered post-completion maintenance contracts, creating ongoing business.

Within the space of a year, The Drilling Group had become one of the industry leaders and the envy of most drilling companies for its professionalism to drilling, service delivery and lead time.